Single channel video, 17’4

Photo: Kenichiro Amano

Photo: Kenichiro Amano

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Sound: Veit Kenner, Voices: Nir N. Alon, Kyung-hwa Choi Ahoi, Shan Fan, Hannimari Jokinen, Sho Hasegawa, Naho Kawabe, Linda McCue, Mitko Mitkov, Miwa Ogasawara, Joe Sam-Essandoh, Hua Tang, Youssef Tabti, Nikos Varsamakis

The video shows constantly moving light reflections on the water. The movements are syncronized with voices of female artists living in Hamburg whose origin is not German and who reflect on their situation as strangers. The video is subtitled in Japanese, which in its defectiveness corresponds to the inadequacies of the artists’ language.

Exhibitions: The Blend Art in Residency, Osaka (JP) / Flag studio, Osaka (JP) / 8. Salon e.V., Hamburg (DE)
Image: Catalogue “Aufenthaltswahrscheinlichkeiten”