Metal, plastic, mirror, cardboard, glass, wood, motor, LED light, size variable

A swarm of spheres with different sizes, colors and material, floats in the space. More than 200 spheres made of blunt lead, reflecting glass, colorful plastic, are hanging with invisible threads from the ceiling and are irradiated by a moving spotlight. At first glance the sphere´s swarm looks like an unstructured cloud which keeps faintly moving by the breeze. The colorful swarm is illuminated by a spotlight, placed on a motor, which turns right and left like a searchlight so that the moving shades of the spheres form a sentence fragment on the wall. The sentence, “Die Neige des Menschen”, is a quotation from Walter Benjamin´s essay, “Einbahnstraße”, poem “Optiker” (1928)

Document of installation “Optiker” 2014 at Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
1′ 09

Exhibtion: Fukuoka Art Museum, (JP)